Young Sugar Mummy in Nigeria Wants to Accept Your Friend Request

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Congratulations to you! Wealthy sugar mummy Mrs Precious has accepted your connection request, and is waiting for a guy that is trustworthy.

Yes, you are absolutely right! Mrs Precious is currently available online now. Are you interested in dating her, want to collect her phone number? WHY Not do so now? Continue reading to get her phone number below.

Before anything else, please take note that you must be 18 years of age and above, and a non-smoker. Take note that am looking for casual fun and no strings attached string relationship.

I already have a Man in my life, but he does not satisfy me the way I want. Which is why I need a sugar son for relationship based on love making. I want a man that is totally single, because I don’t want any dramas so please come clean.

All I need, is just want a serious guy before next weekend who can take care of me and show me love. It would be an added advantage if you have an international passport, because Mrs Precious likes traveling, thanks to her booming business and Boyfriend’s family.

The truth is that I have the money, but I am truly desperate and in need of tender care and love, without which make me feel incomplete.

Any guy that is interested in dating me, should please, drop his whatsapp phone number, Location. I will check back later and add whoever I truly want.

Finally, thank you Admin for posting this. I will see you next week when I’m back in Nigeria from Paris.

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Hi there, are you a young man who is between the age of 18 – 35 year old, and looking for a sugar mummy? is the official Nigeria website for guys searching for sugar mummies in Nigeria.

Naija has lots of hot sugar mummies who want to spend their money on young men interested in dating older women.
However, there are certain things you need to know before you get a sugar momma here in Nigeria. Just because you are the between the age of 18 years – 35 years old, does not automatically mean you can get a sugar. You will also need to:

Be good in bed. This is the paramount reason why most sugar mummies wants to date you.

Another requirement, is that you must be able to romance her and make her feel young again.

Another thing, is that you must ensure you’re always available. However, if you work, make sure you’re available especially in the evenings and weekends. Because most of these women have businesses and do have chance in the evening. But a few will like to get some drills during afternoon break.

You should also be available for traveling. You must be willing to travel and accompany her on meetings, getaways, summits, etc.

However, the most important of all reasons why MOST guys don’t get sugar Momma’s, or why rich Millionaire ladies don’t trust guys, is because of secrets. The internet is filled with pictures of sugar mummies, shared by bitter sugar sons, because of one reason or the other. TO ensure you get a sugar mama, please be discreet.

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Most of these women are rich, and holds sensitive positions and don’t want embarrassments. Some are married to government officials like Ministers, Senators, Local government chairmen, etc. Guys who are sharp dresser or eye candy is a plus.

Get connected to this sugar mummy on Sugar Mummy Free is Very Easy and Totally FREE!. Shun scammers who may call you claiming to be our agents that they will connect you with this sugar mummy for a fee. They are only trying to scam you. We do not have agents that messages people.

All you need to do to get connected to this sugar mummy is to first Register HERE with your email address only. This is to keep your record with us and also update you about your connection. You will receive a mail from us immediately you click submit on that registration page. Then, write about yourself in the comment box on this page in the very best way you can convince are that you mean business and you are ready to do as requested. Include you contact details preferably your email address.

Sugar Mummy On WhatsApp

Sugar Mummy will contact you herself if you’ve done as requested properly. Do the proper agreement and conditions to reach an understand so as to maintain goodd relationship. Also, join our sugar mummy whatsapp group where you meet sugar mummies from USA, Malaysia, Canada, Africa, Dubai, UK, Europe, and other parts of the world. It’s also FREE to join but you must abide by the rules and regulations of our group to avoid been kicked out. Goodluck!


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