Rich Australian Sugar Momma Joyce Wants You To Love Her

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Do you want to meet a Australian woman, here is Joyce , A 45 years old Sugar Mommy in Australia looking for a man that she would love and care for her and make a long-term relationship with her.

Rich Australian Sugar Momma Joyce
Rich Australian Sugar Momma Joyce

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This Sugar Momma lives in Brisbane, Australia and works in a luxury hotel in Brisbane, she needs a man of at least 37 years old for a sugar mummy affairs.

This wonderful Australian Sugar Momma wants a man to love and care for her: Sugar Mummy interviewed her and this is how she image her man of dream!

I give fullness in everything I do. I am living and working in ottawa now. I like to have conversation that stimulates the mind with my partner. I love to travel into my own country and around the world. I am funny and have a great sense of humor. I am well-educated, professional woman, trustworthy, honest, loyal, spiritual. Besides i am an independent woman who knows her way around a kitchen.

For me communication is very important, which stimulate the mind and all else falls into place… this is my strong belief. I like friendship to be in first place to let love develop, while age is just a figure. Never judge a book by the cover and never judge people before you get to know them. Every thing happens for a cause. I am possibly willing to move away for the right man. I still travelling.

I am looking for somebody who is real not fake !!! chocolate preferred !!!. He should be able to hold a discussion about anything and everything. He must be honest, loyal, trustworthy with a sense of humor too. I need someone who is can look after himself both mentally and physically. Who master the art of treating a lady with respect and love.

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If any man here is truly interested his actions will manifeste clearlythan his words. Someone who does not judge the books by their covers, while getting to know the person. I am possibly willing to travel anywhere with the right man.

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