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Hello there, my name is Tina and I’m an influential and well connected entrepreneur with lots of investments and companies. I’m looking for a man who can capture my tender heart, thrill my body r0mantically and make me fall in l0ve with him. I am a r0mantic, warm and l0ving woman who is full of life and energy and I seek a like minded gentleman who can make me feel like a real woman and bring out the best in me. I’m a sweet, sensual, energetic, creative and sociable person with a good sense of humor who leads an active lifestyle.

I have been to this community before and I was linked with a handsome dude. I was enjoying the relationship with him for three months but along the line things went bad between both us. I really don’t understand what came up but I believe he is not the right man for me and I will be getting a better person soon. That’s why I am here. I am a good looking young wont in my late thirty’s. I have love for peace and beauty. I admire anything that brings me peace and looks beautiful. I have no kid and have never been married before.

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I own an apartment with a good car. I love eating sea foods and my best color is blue. Please I need a young handsome dude who won’t change along the line for any reason. I need to be loved and cared. I’m looking for an honest, easy going guy. so be honest about what you look like please. save us the disappointment. don’t put old pics out here from several years ago. Oh, and what’s up with the serious sun glass pics? No… I need to see your smile and eyes.

And don’t even waste your time if you don’t have a pic.. not cool. I want a man of good character who knows what he wants. An affectionate yet mans man. Someone who is open-minded yet has strong morals. Someone who enjoys staying in shape and being active. Someone who is spontaneous yet can plan too. Someone who l0ves all genres of music. Someone who is adventurous. Someone who has a good sense of humor.  No games players, I can discover jokes very easy.

I m not a teen anymore!! so please if u really need women for life u are welcome, otherwise, look further. I have been to countless relationships that never went the right way. If you can link me up with a better person I will be very grateful. I am interested in a honest man who won’t cheat on me. A man who is willing to love and care for me and my family. He mustn’t be rich but he should be educated and well behaved. He can be a drunk and he shouldn’t smoke. I really don’t like that.

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Sugar momma Tina says she is a good listener who l0ves silence, children and pets. By nature she was born kind, sympathetic and compassionate. She is also humble, generous and slow to anger. She would l0ve to meet someone with a daring personality who is enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, l0ving and affectionate. Sugar momma Tina says she wants someone who is bold and optimistic about life. She is one of a kind as she likes to laugh, play, smile and talk a lot.

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