How shooters slaughtered ex-Ondo Military Administrator’s child as he savored a joint with companions

Shooters on Wednesday evening, May 13, killed a child of previous Ondo Military Administrator, Brig.- Gen. Okpaleye in Lagos.

The perished, Muyuwa Babafumilayo Okpaleye, 40, was shot by the hooded equipped men, numbering around four, at a drinking joint at Adekunle Kuye, off Ikate road, Aguda, Surulere, where he was spending time with his companions.

As per reports, the shooters left their Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) at a bordering road and followed a pathway that prompted the drinking joint. When they located Okpaleye in the group, two of the men corrected their hoods and progressed towards the social occasion.

On observing the development of the hooded men, the group, including a connection of a previous Lagos Governor, it was accumulated, scattered with individuals running in various ways.

They were said to have focused on Okpaleye, shot him and came nearer to guarantee he was hit by the projectile before escaping the scene.

The entirety of Okpaleye’s companions purportedly relinquished him, put something aside for one recognized as Kunle, who ran back to spare him.

He was said to have lifted him up, taken him to his (Okpaleye’s) Honda City Sedan vehicle and raced to a close by medical clinic where specialists affirmed Okpaleye dead on appearance.

Tragically for Kunle, the Police at Soloki Station, Aguda welcomed him for cross examination. He was in the end kept and moved to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) Panti as a suspect.

Opa, as Muyiwa was prominently called, is the last conceived in the respectable group of one time military organization of Ondo state, Rtd Brigadier General Okpaleye.

Opaleye worked with a donning outfit called City Sports and inhabited Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, however frequented Surulere where he had a great deal of companions.

His companions have taken to web based life to grieve his demise.

Crime investigators at SCIID have initiated examination to uncover the guilty parties. Likewise, Okpaleye’s companions who were at the joint are being trailed to get their record of the episode.

A source revealed to The Nation that Kunle was being held on the grounds that nobody has substantiated his record of the episode, including that there was requirement for others present at the joint to approach and express the realities.

It was found out other people who were there may have remained in isolation for dread that the death may be clique – related, giving the repetitive pack wars inside Surulere that has seen two different people executed in comparative way since last December.

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