UNIUYO understudy shouts out after purportedly being flagellated at the interstate fringe (video)

An abandoned University of Uyo (UNIUYO) understudy has shouted out for help after purportedly being whipped while on her approach to meet her family in Cross River State.

As indicated by Favor Attah, the episode happened at Akwa Ibom State’s outskirt with Cross River state.

She further uncovered that she was possibly attempting to converse with the man in-control when he purportedly requested his young men to flagellate her.

The UNIUYO understudy composed;

I chose to return home today after the lockdown was lifted, I’m from cross-stream state Etung neighbourhood government Effraya. The recordings will clarify everything. All I was attempting to do was discussion to the man on the blue local (he was by all accounts the one in control) in one of the recordings to disclose to him that I am an understudy that got supplied in you8. I was attempting to return home to my family in Effraya.

I’m 22, and I’m attempting to converse with you. Everything you do is ask the young men around with sticks to pummel me, sooner or later he came himself and utilized his whip to hit me a few times and pushed me a few times that I nearly tumbled to my face and recovered some Marks on my from the strap, all I was attempting to do was return home to my folks to maintain a strategic distance from me dieing of starvation in a land I know nobody yet just came to class. I simply needed him to hear me out as he tuned in to everybody that moved toward him, however, perhaps he thought I was excessively little.

The main picture in my mind was his little girl (on the off chance that he has any) in a circumstance like this attempting to return home to her folks and she’s lashed and humiliated. Because she is a young lady and she ought not to be tuned in to. I dont realize what his name is nevertheless expectation and supplicate he discovers harmony this night for beating a youngster that lone needed to return home to her folks to find nourishment and safe house and yes he was letting individuals traverse. I surmise he licked their faces better or they had the right to live more than each other individual on this scaffold



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The student said the incident occurred at Akwa Ibom state’s border with Cross River State (where her family lives)

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