A man takes steps to slaughter himself in the wake of finding out that the two young men he is sponsoring in Canada are not his children

A Twitter client has described how a man separated in tears and took steps to slaughter himself subsequent to finding that the two young men he is supporting in Canada are not his.

As per @EWAWUNMIII, just the last youngster who is 12-years of age has a place with a distressed man. The young men matured 23 and 20 apparently has a place with his better half’s ex.

She tweeted;

There is a genuine battle going on in my general vicinity early today, and from what I heard The spouse is simply discovering he’s not the dad of his first and second-conceived, They are for the wife ex, the firstborn is 23 and the subsequent conceived is 20.

They are both tutorings in Canada and he is the one sponsoring everything, just for him to discover today that his lone youngster is the last conceived, she’s 12 years of age, The man is crying and saying he needs to kill himself

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